Join Dr Simone as she interviews her Special Guest,Jeralyn Brossfield known for bringing wellness through accessible support of each person’s wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

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About Jeralyn Brossfield:

Dr. Brossfield’s interest in Medicine began as a child of missionary parents in the Sudan. She pursue medical training at Loma Linda University where the motto, “To Make Man Whole” resonated with her personal mission of providing holistic, comprehensive care for people. After moving to the Coachella Valley in 2002, Dr. Brossfield became known as a doctor who listens and partners with her patients to create total wellness. The needs of her patients led Dr. Brossfield to pursue further training in menopause, sexuality and weight management. Always looking for tools to help people achieve sustainable lifestyle transformation, Dr. Brossfield created a network of coaches who walk with others on similar weight loss journeys. These coaches have assisted thousands in achieving the sustaining their optimal weight. During this process, Dr. Brossfield realized the need to reach the larger community with tools for wellness. It was therefore a natural transition to move into Directorship of Eisenhower Medical Center’s Wellness Institute in 2013. She sees her new role much like the conductor of the orchestra – with many pivotal partners working together in creating a beautiful outcome. In this work, she seeks to bring wellness into our community through accessible, relevant support of each person’s wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

Summary Outline:

In this episode you will learn:

1. What led Dr. Brossfield from being a gynaecologist to focusing on whole-person wellness

2. What is “wellness”

3. How do we navigate our current healthcare (sick care) system and create our own health and wellness

4. What does Dr. Brossfield suggest as good medical care

5. What are the key components of an overall wellness plan

6. What steps can we take that are most likely to impact improving our health

7. What are Dr. Brossfield’s favourite wellness resources (books, websites, blogs, etc.)

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