Join Dr Simone Ravicz as she interviews her Special Guest Linda Patten on “The Art of Herding Cats: Building Leadership Expertise.” ¬†She is an¬†Entrepreneur, speaker, author who shows women how to lead, dream and create what inspires them.

About Linda Patten:

Linda Patten is a leadership expert, entrepreneur, int’l speaker and nat’l best-selling author who shows women how to realize their ability to lead, to dream and to create in their lives what inspires them. As someone who walks her talk, Linda is founder and CEO of Dare2Dream With Linda, a dynamic enterprise which expresses her passion to support women in business. With 40 years of corporate and military leadership experience and 15 years in network marketing, she is in a unique position to understand the art of “herding cats”, to teach others how to herd them too.

Summary Outline:

In this episode you will learn:

1. You didn’t always see yourself as a leader. What was your defining moment?

2. Tell me why you started out helping women reclaim their dreams.

3. Why was it so hard for you to step into leadership and how does that translate to other women.

4. How do your book and in-depth programs transcend reluctant leaders into powerful,successful leaders.

5. What one tip would you have for someone just stepping into leadership so they can begin to own it?

6. The cover of your book, The Art of Herding Cats: Leading Teams of Leaders, and the symbol you wear on your jacket are all large cats. Why did you use that symbol for visibility and not house cats?

7. What is the best mindset for being a leader?

8. What type of leader are you?

9. I believe leadership is learned. What are your thoughts.

10. What is the final thought you’d like to leave with our very special audience today?

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