Join Dr Simone Ravicz as she interviews her Special Guest, Deb Peretz, on Steps to Effectively Boosting Your Memory and Learning.  Brain expert who includes her knowledge into approach with curriculum, teaching and learning.

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About Deb Peretz:

Deb Peretz, Ph.D., has spent over 20 years studying how we think and learn. As a former teacher trainer, college professor and K-12 teacher, she has come to appreciate the complexity and wonder of the human brain. She integrates the latest brain research into her innovative approach to curriculum, teaching and learning, with a special focus on memory.

Summary Outline:

In this episode you will learn:

1. What are we really talking about when we say memory?;

2. Which type of memory is most important for learning?;

3. How does memory affect learning?;

4. How can we improve memory?;

5. What can we do to remember what we’ve learned over time?;

6. Can diet affect memory?;

7. Can exercise affect memory?;

8. What are the biggest takeaways about memory from recent brain research?

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