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Tune in as Dr.Simone interviews Jenny Wallis Founder of “Ask Jenny Now”, an interactive written article, and a Relationship Guru.

About Jenny:

Jenny has lived in the desert for just over a year now. She keeps herself busy by writing a question and answer column called “Ask Jenny” for the Coachella Valley Weekly and other papers. She loves helping other people through her work as a Relationship Guru. Her “Ask Jenny” column approaches relationships in a holistic way focusing on how you can better love others and yourself. You cannot successfully give or receive love until you are at one with yourself. She is also currently beginning to work as a teacher for some very lucky students at local elementary schools.

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Show Summary:

– How did you become a relationship guru

– Why do people repeat the same relationships with different people

– Why are relationships so important in our lives

– How do you know when you’re in a great relationship

– How is your personal relationship

– What constitutes a great relationship

– How much does loving others have to do with loving ourselves