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This is My Story

I like to say that I have six more lives. Having faced the ravages of severe illnesses and chronic pain, I’ve literally been at death’s door three times. Cats have nine lives, and I’m convinced I must have been a cat in a previous life.

How did I get so sick?

Take a major Type A personality, mix it with perfectionistic strivings, add a rapidly growing, successful small business, and frost it with my belief that I had to be in complete control of everything in my business and personal life.

The result? A highly stressed person. So stressed that my body couldn’t take it and broke down.

Despite several medical conditions, I followed a self-designed program of Eastern and Western healing approaches and psychological and physical techniques; I surmounted all odds and landed on top!

I like to be on top and that’s where I’ll take you, your business and your life when you join forces with me. I have extensive business experience and knowledge, backed by an MBA from UCLA, and have built three successful small businesses.

I obtained a Ph.D. and worked for years as a clinical psychologist. Today, I love serving as a certified business and life coach, and brain coach. These elements allow me to help my clients clarify where they are now, where they want to go, and how to develop an unstoppable plan and the necessary actions to get there.

Imagine having a competitive advantage on your side: a true expert. I’ve studied neuroscience for years. Today, I include scientifically proven, brain-based techniques to help you make lasting changes in your brain leading to transformational changes in your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You’ll learn to eliminate negative stress, negative thinking and sabotaging behavior and improve profitability, performance, productivity and positivity. These changes inevitably catapult my clients to business and personal success.

When I’m not busy helping others optimize their lives, I’m enjoying my two cats; worldwide travel-ah Paris!; nature, especially anywhere with water; art; writing (three books); public speaking; neuroscience, and friends and family.

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