Join Dr Simone as she interviews her special guest Performance Master Steven Memel: Training CEO’s to Stars to Succeed.  Call in to ask your questions on 657-383-1534.

About Steve Memel:

Steven Memel is the world’s leading authority on Performance Mastery through THE FIVE STAGES OF ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE. Steven is creator of and energy behind “The Science of Switching On (R) Ultimate Performance Training System”. From his beginnings as an award-winning actor, director, composer, vocalist, dancer and producer, Steven grew his coaching practice to include an extensive list of A-List Hollywood Celebrity clients he’s helped achieve their greatest performances on film, concert, stage and in the studio. Adam Levine, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are just a few of those with whom he’s worked. In addition, he assists executives, entrepreneurs and top influencers to hone and refine their skills, delivery and presence. They want to know that whether in front of an audience of thousands, a high-pressure boardroom presentation, on video or in a critical client meeting, they’ll deliver with confidence, self-assurance and comfort, guaranteed they’ll be at their best when it matters most.

Summary Outline:

1. How would you define “performance” mean to you?;

2. Can you tell us some of your life story that led you to where you are now?;

3. How would you describe your phrase about “The Science of Switching On”?;

4. When we spoke, you mentioned 5 stages of ultimate performance. Can you explain those?;

5. You also mentioned that there are two different ways of processing of which we are typically unaware that they exist and don’t know how to use them: linear vs. intuitive. Can you expand on that?;

6.  I know you say there are many energies – what might that look like?

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