Join Dr Simone as she interviews special guest EvaKarin Wallin, a mindset coach, speaker, author and founder of the “Freedom Based Mindset”.   Call in to ask your questions on 657-383-1534.

About EvaKarin Wallin

EvaKarin Wallin is a mindset coach, speaker, author and founder of the “Freedom Based Mindset”. This is a technique that changes limitations into possibilities. She is at the forefront of how to use the subconscious mind to reprogram limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that allow you to manifest easily and effortlessly. She is the author of “Boost Your Business With A Book” and has had several of her articles published in Ascala Magazine and More Business Magazine. She started out as a coach in 2001. In Sweden, she was one of the first life coaches which meant that few knew what life coaching was. And she did not know how to sell. So she hired her own coach to learn the basics of sales and marketing. Soon, she realized many small business owners needed help marketing so she became a marketing coach. She did that for several years but it just seemed she couldn’t breakthrough to the next level in her own business. Then she started her own journey that took four years and led to the Freedom Based Mindset, a technique that releases fears and limitations right away.

Summary Outline:

1. Can you introduce us to the general theme of what you’ll be gifting us with today? (what stands in the way of our manifesting our goals and visions);

2. What would one of your typical clients look like?;

3. What does the term “not in alignment” really mean?;

4. Why do obstacles arise when setting goals?;

5. What is so important about awareness?;

6. You have a different view about affirmations than many others in your industry. Can you tell us about that?;

7. Can you run us through a demonstration of Freedom Based Mindset?

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