Join your host Emily Miller on The Pearls of Wisdom Show with Special Guest Tetka Rhu.

What #PearlsofWisdom can we learn from our special guest, Tetka Rhu, age 65, on the first Pearls of Wisdom Show recorded on Blab? Listen and learn more about her ageless attitude and strong knowing of who she is, including why she believes she is a dragon mama, with a heart bigger than Ben Hur!

Tetka set the intention that everyone who listens to this show will have this most extraordinary lightbulb moment within the next 2 days.

When we put out an intention amazing things happen. That is how energy works!

In this episode you will find out more on:

How Tetka discovered who she was meant to be?

What inspired Tetka to become Lady Picasso?

How Tetka works with the energy and visitations of past masters?

The power of prayers, repetition, daily intention and using your breath.

Why she believes we are all our own gurus and how you can be empowered to find your own answers!

How people can overcome fears of not wanting to be seen as a copy?

Discover the 5Cs for success!

How to move through reactions and negative emotions when you see it online?

Her top tips for social media marketing and why it’s ok to be silent at times to avoid being negative online.

About Tetka Rhu

Tetka Rhu is an Artist, Entrepreneur and Investment tetkaART strategist who has built a global online reputation since 2007.

Her focus has been on building relationships and taking her unique skillset and focus into supporting her clients with the maxim “YOUR requirements are MY priority”

Tetka embraces online networking through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram although her favourite is Facebook where over the years the most productive relationships for all parties have seen favorable results.

Tetka is adamant in OWNing her uniqueness and makes a stance in forming her own wisdom through the power of her art in creating jpeg slides in empowering others to experience the healing energies her tetkaART carries.

Tetka has steadfastly centered her online marketing strategies to manifest sales around this formula as she is totally conscious that each person has an innate code of conduct to share their gifts with as many people as possible, and it is when people bring her tetkaART into their lives is when they begin to experience the brilliance of their inner wealth.

This formula has seen the evolvement and development of #GirlPower Rhules Art Project which is now beginning to grow wings and in Tetka’s words “watch this space”.

To know Tetka is to know you will be warmly invited into her circle of influence.
tetkaART is the Way of NOW to bring powerful, positive, peaceful change, while business is the vehicle for that to happen.

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